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Volume 6, Issue 3

Higher Education in India: Women Employment, Why So Few Among So Many?

Progress of a country weather social or economical is largely resolute by the active contribution and participation of its labor force. Both men and women create the labor force; but it has been noted that since past decade, India has been seen a steady decline in Female Labor Force Participation (FLFP) from 37% in 2005 to an all-time low of 23 percent in 2016...

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Impact of Advertising on Buying Decision of Consumers towards FMCG products in the Rural Market

The identity of India is represented by its rural masses as it represents the heartland of true culture and possesses more than 70 percent of total population. Rural markets have become integral part of global market and are growing at above two times faster pace than urban markets...

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Global Peace Governance Justice and Sustainable Development of Economies

The research paper entitled “Global Peace, Governance, Justice and Sustainable Development of Economies” focuses on detailing the aspects of global peace, governance issues and analyzes the global economic systems and the various international organizations that work in coordination with the other national and international organizations, civil societies, NGOs to attain peace, justice and effective global governance, to achieve SDGs and sustainable development slated by UN by the turn of 2030...

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