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Ascertaining Key Risks in the Construction Projects From Stakeholder and Life Cycle Perspectives

The research paper under review examines the information economies of various countries and studies their related data protection laws associated with those countries. The trade aspects of information economies including the ICT tools and the ICT enabled services have also been dealt with to assess the role and the impact of ICT tools in implementation of international trade among various countries to enable to achieve sustainable development goals targeted by the United Nations by the turn of 2030...

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Econometric Analysis of the Developing Countries’ Trade Indicators/a>

In this paper, the author attempted to study the patterns of the export and import shares of the developing countries and found out the relation of export and import share with its determinants like growth rate, inflation rate, FDI, current account balance, REER, concentration index, and diversification index respectively ...

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Perceptions of Consumers in Myanmar towards Purchasing Products Made In China: An Empirical Study of Students in a National Educational Institution in Yangon

The globalization of Chinese products has been accompanied by questions as to their receptivity in different markets around the world. The body of academic literature on the issue of receptivity of Chinese products has grown with a focus on the consumer perception factors of country-of-origin, consumer nationalism, price sensitivity and quality of product...

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Evitable Virgin Tourism Ecosystem a Paradigm Shift for Sustainable Tourism Venture Nurturing in India

In recent decades we can see around the venture that the things are transforming like never before due to technological advancement, paradigm shift in economy and political influences. It has been also observed in two decades that there is a major paradigm shift in adventure seekers taste and preferences...

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A Study on the Effect of Credence to Truthful Leader on Commitment

The main object of this paper is to shed light on the credence to truthful leader affecting commitment of followers. If exists the credence to a truthful leader might have side effects such as success in the life philosophy, radiation of happiness and commitment to organizations. The desired outcome should serve for all. The aim of this study is to measure the commitment level affected by credence to a truthful leader...

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Higher Education in India: Women Employment, Why So Few Among So Many?

Progress of a country weather social or economical is largely resolute by the active contribution and participation of its labor force. Both men and women create the labor force; but it has been noted that since past decade, India has been seen a steady decline in Female Labor Force Participation (FLFP) from 37% in 2005 to an all-time low of 23 percent in 2016...

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Impact of Advertising on Buying Decision of Consumers towards FMCG products in the Rural Market

The identity of India is represented by its rural masses as it represents the heartland of true culture and possesses more than 70 percent of total population. Rural markets have become integral part of global market and are growing at above two times faster pace than urban markets...

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Global Peace Governance Justice and Sustainable Development of Economies

The research paper entitled “Global Peace, Governance, Justice and Sustainable Development of Economies” focuses on detailing the aspects of global peace, governance issues and analyzes the global economic systems and the various international organizations that work in coordination with the other national and international organizations, civil societies, NGOs to attain peace, justice and effective global governance, to achieve SDGs and sustainable development slated by UN by the turn of 2030...

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Visualization for Analysis of Social Networking, Models and Techniques: A Review

: In this paper, we have reviewed several social networking sites, evolution and background and significance of social media. Social networking is used as platform for various applications like: government, business, educational, political, dating and matrimonial, etc. Motivation is to examine adversarial networks and represents the activities observed by analyser. Additionally we’ve examined social network model and operations performed in it along with simulation and close degree algorithm, Adversarial Network analyser and analysis of vulnerabilities of an organization analysed. We examine the types of posting on social media websites and influence of posting data and privacy concerns of Facebook and twitter users. This study indicates the different concerns of users regarding posting information and its influences of user based privacy concerns. In addition we discussed several classification and clustering techniques used for data mining in online social networking sites and the market targets and parameters and analysis of different variables as per the usage of SNSs.

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