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The International Journal of Business and Management Research (IJBMR) is an open-access , double-blind peer-reviewed journal published quarterly online by FOREX International Press that reports about findings from latest research in the concerned discipline involving the means of production and goods and services, and the ways for their optimum utilization. The research papers are also based on the areas of Business research , Business cycle , Newly concept for business welfare , Financial planning & research, Banking research, Accounting, Customer satisfaction, Marketing, Economics, Organizational studies, Fiscal and taxation policy and other avenues of investment and Business management ,Social management, Wealth management, Public and Business administration etc.

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Impact of Herzberg Two-Factor Theory on Teachers’ Job Satisfaction: An Implication to the Private Universities of Bangladesh

Md. Tota Miah and Md. Jahid Hasan

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Harmony Plus Future Leader Academy: A Leadership Program Co-Developed by Students

Matthew Brown, Calla Buttke, William Doolittle, Zefan Feng, Nina Li, Allen Wang, Patrick Wang and Jonathan Zhao

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Impacts of Employee Engagement and Workforce Productivity on Retail Companies

Dr. Sada H. Jaman, Dr. Kevin C. James and Dr. Desire S. Luamba

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In public administrative management such as local Government Administration, little or no attention is often paid to personnel management as an indispensable tool for Local Government Administration.

In any organization, public or private personnel play an in dispensation role in the success and growth of the organization.

A cursory look at local government management in the state typifies that they cannot perform optional because they see personnel management strategies as irrelevant. No wonder local governments in the state are totally dependent on government subsidy. Inability to cater for the growth of the local government is the resultant effect of unproductivity.

The general concept of financial incentives is one form of motivating techniques and its indispensability for achievement of desired organizational goals and increase productivity and reward for performance has been a subject of controversy over the years globally generating diverse research arguments, criticisms and assumptions especially in developing countries.
Probably amongst the most crucial decision facing management today are those concerned with capital investment. Typical of these decisions are those related to expansion through adding of new product lines, factory extension for extension in new sales entries. The significance of a decision of this nature is obvious since based on the decision made, the firm will find itself, committed to a pattern of activity and expenditure that will continue for some time into the future due to huge capital outlay involved.