Articles published in IJBMR

Volume 8, Issue 2 ( June 2020)

Improvement of the Production Quality of the Textile Industries in Madagascar by the Knowledge Engineering

The textile industry in Madagascar has a very important weight for the Malagasy economic situation. It is the sector that contributes the most to job creation as well as to export. There are two main categories of factories: free zone companies that are moving towards export and small and medium-sized units who produce for local consumption. The lack of technical competence of the majority of the employees constitutes a common block for the two factories category. The failure is related to the low employee’s education level. This gap questions the competitiveness of textile enterprises in Madagascar at national and global level. Moreover, quality is one of the critical success factors that must be mastered by textile companies to be able to dominate the world of competition.

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Analysis of the Relationship between Credit Risk and Bank Performance of Some Commercial Banks in Ghana

This study analysed the relationship between credit risk and bank financial performance of selected commercial banks in Ghana for the period 2010 - 2014, using the banks respective financial statements. The study employed the quantitative research approach. The sample was Ghana Commercial Bank Limited, Zenith Bank Limited, UT Bank and Ecobank Plc. These four banks were selected using stratified random sampling technique. The data were primarily secondary and quantitative in nature. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyse the data. When the banks were compared, Ghana Commercial Bank Limited was found to be more liquid than Zenith Bank Limited. That of Zenith bank was also higher than UT bank and Ecobank Plc .However, profitability indicators showed that Zenith Bank Limited and Ecobank Plc utilised its assets better than Ghana Commercial Bank Limited and UT bank resulting in the two banks higher scores over the period. The findings show further that Ghana Commercial Bank Limited showed higher ratios for investment in the future while Zenith Bank Limited showed higher ratios of higher dividend immediately. However, Zenith Bank Limited capital adequacy level was far higher than the legal requirement of Banking sector while its counterparts fell slightly below it in terms of average. Based on the main findings and conclusions, it is recommended that Ghana Commercial Bank Limited should find a means of reducing its expenditure, introducing prudent assets management, should be cautious when assisting government in time of economic difficulty, and operate as an independent entity.

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