Published in FOREX-IJBMR

Management of Industrial Conflict in Oyo State Teaching Service of Nigeria


This paper examined the management of Industrial Conflict in Oyo State Teaching Service of Nigeria. It identified causes of industrial conflict between teachers and the state government and the effects on secondary schools in the state. It also assessed the mechanisms for resolving industrial conflicts between the teachers and the state government. This study was necessitated by the need to ensure improved industrial conflict resolution mechanisms in the teaching service of Oyo state.

The findings from oral interview revealed that major causes of industrial conflict were poor condition of service, unlawful retirement, illegal retrenchment of teachers, threat and blackmail of teachers etc.

The study also discovered that the effect of industrial conflict were felt in the area of student performance, enrolment and the morale of teachers have hit very low ebbs.

The study concluded that industrial conflict is an inevitable outcome of human interaction and the poor management will have devastating effect on the educational sector of Oyo State in particular and Nigeria in general.

Keywords:Industrial Conflict Mechanism, Arbitration, Court Order, Conflict Resolution, Collective Bargaining.

Author(s): Ajayi Adeola, Hasssan Afees Olumide