Published Vol. 12 No. 1

Volume 12, Issue 1

Making Your Consulting Case as a Tool for Employability Investments

This empirical paper conceptualizes and categorizes students' perception of the value of their Making Your Consulting Case (MYCC), the experiential learning initiative applied for eleven years within twelve graduate and undergraduate programs. The study finds that participants perceived the MYCC experience as a multilevel investment in their human capital and employability, with the investments categorized as follows: investment in personal capital of elucidating students' professional core, in social capital of developing trust within an industry, in professional capital of generating value, and the impression capital of empowering students' voice in signalling their standout employability.

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Leveraging Digital Innovations in Tourism Marketing: A Study of Destination Promotion Strategies

In the contemporary landscape of tourism marketing, the advent of digital innovations has significantly transformed promotional strategies for destinations worldwide. This study delves into the nuanced approaches and impacts of leveraging digital technologies in destination promotion. Through a comprehensive analysis of existing literature and case studies, the research highlights the multifaceted dimensions of digital innovations in enhancing tourism marketing efforts.The Study begins by outlining the evolving role of digital technologies in shaping tourism promotion strategies, emphasizing their capacity to reach diverse audiences and engage potential visitors effectively. It further examines the integration of social media platforms, augmented reality, virtual reality, and other digital tools into destination marketing campaigns, elucidating their effectiveness in captivating and immersing audiences in unique travel experiences.

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Network Meta-Analysis for Determining the Best Lean Tools Synergy to Improve Productivity by Reducing Rework in Garment Factories

The textile industry plays an important role in the global economy; however, it faces persistent challenges related to reducing rework for improving productivity. The purpose of this study is to summarize some scientific researches about production delay caused by rework in a clothing and accessory industry. It provides a general overview of the current state of knowledge concerning the interdependence between reduced productivity and rework rate. The research process is based on the Functional Analysis System Technique. It facilitates a systematic examination of sequential and logical steps necessary to achieve objective and attain outcomes. Functional Analysis System Techniques not only provides a structured methodology but also aids in identifying the successive functions crucial for attaining desired outcomes.

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