Published Vol. 10 No. 4

Volume 10, Issue 4

Looking Beyond the Pandemic: Building Back Better for MSME Finance

This paper provides a conceptual overview of what a post-pandemic ecosystem for MSME financing might be, and how policymakers might apply it. Current COVID-19 emergency measures are not sustainable, and fintech and other technologies offer improvements for access to MSME finance worldwide. We offer a macro-perspective of how MSME financing might balance the competing interests of various stakeholders via the lens of ikigai. The Japanese term for fulfilment, and how fintech provides the “digital unlock” that has been missing to this point. We derive practical suggestions for policymakers from our theoretical framework, using real-world examples to transition from the abstract to the concrete.

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Between Fear and Hope: The Privatization of Government Higher Education Institutions in Saudi Arabia and the Role of Leadership in Managing Change

The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of privatization as it applies to public universities and colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also aims to critically reflect on the expected concerns due to the new environmental change resulting from the implementation of privatization and its impact on performance. There is a scarcity of existing literature on how privatization affects employee performance, and whether or not employees remain competent in their new environment. This paper also focuses on the significant role of leadership as organizations transition from public organizations to privatized ones. An in-depth content analysis of the privatization of public Saudi higher education institutions was adapted as a methodological approach to this study. Through this approach, the gap that exists between the new transformations, the leadership required, and the necessary preparations for privatization were analyzed. The major findings indicate that the idea of privatization in and of itself constitutes a great fear and anxiety for employees due to the organizational, administrative, and cultural change that privatization may bring.

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