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Ascertaining Key Risks in the Construction Projects From Stakeholder and Life Cycle Perspectives

Author(s) : Dr. N. Thangavel* and M. Manikandan

Publisher : FOREX Publication

Published : 30 March 2015

e-ISSN :2347-4696

Page(s) : 1-10

Dr. N. Thangavel*, Professor and Head, Department of Management Studies, Jeppiaar Engineering College, Chennai – 600 119; Email:

M. Manikandan, Research scholar, Vels University, Chennai – 600 117; Email:

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Dr. N. Thangavel and M. Manikandan (2015), Ascertaining Key Risks in the Construction Projects From Stakeholder and Life Cycle Perspectives. IJBMR 3(1), 1-10. DOI: 10.37391/IJBMR.030101.