Published Vol. 11 No. 2

Volume 11, Issue 2

Impact of Metaverse and Advanced Technology on the Enterprises

The current study sought to understand and explore the field of technological advancements in these modern times, especially after the covid-19 surge, from the perspective of Business and Management. The development of science and technology will define a new meaning and application of the management and administration of the firm. Due to modernization in technology and automation of work in managerial work, the processes of businesses become easy to handle, maintain and control. Technologies have made different elements of business such as manufacturing, communication, purchase and sales, marketing, trading and advertising became easier than before.

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The Relationship between Commercial Banks Characteristic and Economic Growth in Vietnam

This paper examines the relationship between commercial banks' characteristics and economic growth in Vietnam using the FEM and REM models to test the effect of commercial bank characteristics on economic growth in Vietnam. Using a panel dataset of 28 commercial banks from 2010 to 2021, we investigate the impact of bank characteristics on economic growth and provide some important findings. Our findings show that bank characteristics significantly affect economic growth.

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