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Author(s) : Sunand Sudhir Pongurlekar1*and Pranav Dwivedi2

Publisher : FOREX Publication

Published : 30 June 2013

e-ISSN :2347-4696

Page(s) : 1-11

Sunand Sudhir Pongurlekar1*, Department of Mechatronics Engineering. Manipal University ,Manipal, India; Email:

Pranav Dwivedi, Department of Mechatronics Engineering Manipal University, Manipal, India; Email:

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Sunand Sudhir Pongurlekar and Pranav Dwivedi (2013), THE INDIAN ECONOMIC GROWTH STORY. IJBMR 1(1), 1-11. DOI: 10.37391/IJBMR.010101.