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Global Peace Governance Justice and Sustainable Development of Economies


The research paper entitled “Global Peace, Governance, Justice and Sustainable Development of Economies” focuses on detailing the aspects of global peace, governance issues and analyzes the global economic systems and the various international organizations that work in coordination with the other national and international organizations, civil societies, NGOs to attain peace, justice and effective global governance, to achieve SDGs and sustainable development slated by UN by the turn of 2030. It also studies the various issues pertaining to developing new economic partnerships for SDGs and the role of private multilateral international institutions in effective implementation of the SDGs of UN through a proper and effective coordination and working in synergy with these institutions with UN on the one hand and the other related national and international institutions such as other private multilateral institutions, NGOs, civil societies, world class academic institutions on the other to attain peace, governance, justice and SDGs. The aspect-wise review of literature i.e. global peace, governance, justice and SDGs has been reflected in brief studied by various authors. The functions of the various international organizations such as IMF, World Bank and WTO etc., in providing financial assistance and in developing rules and frameworks to achieve these objectives have also been studied. The role and functions of United Nations with regards to promotion of new global partnerships, peace, and governance including the role of private international organizations and multiregional trade complexes have also been highlighted. It is observed that the purpose of these international institutions which were created, were primarily to provide financing to the developing organizations including framing of rules and procedures for effective and harmonious global economic development. However, the tilt is towards giving more attention to developed economies and the focus on developing economies has been minimal. This has jeopardized the growth and development of these developing economies and reduced their participation and stakeholdership in the global forum/international community to attain effective and proper global economic development. This has posed a serious challenge to attain global peace, effective global governance and in turn promotion of SDGs. Hence, it would be appropriate and in the fitness of things to confer adequate and proper autonomy to these national institutions of importance working in various developing economies/countries to carve a niche for themselves to participate in adequate representations to make the international/global agenda as slated by UN, effective and successful. This in turn would definitely go a long way in attaining global peace, governance and justice and in achieving the SDGs by turn of 2030 as adopted by United Nations.

Keywords:Global Peace; Governance; Justice; UN Agenda; SDGs; Private Multilateral Institutions; Multiregional trade complexes.

Author(s):Unmana Sarangi