Published in FOREX-IJBMR

Impact of Advertising on Buying Decision of Consumers towards FMCG products in the Rural Market


The identity of India is represented by its rural masses as it represents the heartland of true culture and possesses more than 70 percent of total population. Rural markets have become integral part of global market and are growing at above two times faster pace than urban markets. Despite rising urbanization, still 63 percent Indian population will continue to live in the rural areas in 2025 as reported by Mckinsey. Due to this rural market becomes a goldmine and provides unique opportunities to the marketers to expand their market and make their margin by creating awareness among rural customers about their products and influence their buying decision. Advertising is playing a vital role in creating the awareness and influences customer buying behavior towards FMCG. The paper investigates about the influence of advertisement on the consumer’s buying behavior towards FMCG products in the rural areas of Bhopal. The sample of 300 respondents has been taken and data has been analyzed by using different statistical techniques to achieve the objective.

Keywords:Advertising, rural market, FMCG, Consumer buying behavior.

Author(s):Imran Mehraj Dar, Dr. A.K Singh