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Now a day’s Energy plays a vital role in every sector like agriculture, industry, transport, commercial and domestic. Energy is the primary key for development of the country. Only two types are sources for energy generations are presents that are Non Renewable and Renewable Sources. But due to climate change and fossil fuel depletion renewable sources are becoming major reason for focusing for energy generation... Read more

Environment & Human Right- A Corporate Social Responsibility Perspective

This paper deals with the environmental problems and the human right which is to be kept in mind for the future generation, right to live in a clean and healthy environment. It focuses on the link between the environment and human. Sir Griffith Taylor came up with a concept of neo determinism which is also called as the dichotomy between determinism and possibilism... Read more

Welfare: A Test of Importance on Labour Welfare Amenities in PSUs

The accent for abundance arises from an actual attributes of automated arrangement which is characterized by two basal facts (1) the altitude beneath which plan is agitated on are not adapted for bloom and (2) if labour accompanies industry, he has to plan in an absolute aberrant atmosphere creating problems of adjustment, accepting an annoyed workforce is actual capital for cutting alive of every organization... Read more