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Volume 3

Ascertaining Key Risks in the Construction Projects From Stakeholder and Life Cycle Perspectives

Managing risks in construction projects has been recognized as a very important management process in order to achieve the project objectives in terms of time, cost, quality, safety and environmental sustainability. However, thus far most research has focused on some aspects of construction risk management rather than using a systematic and holistic approach to identify risks and analyze the likelihood of occurrence and impacts of the risks...

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A Review Report on Interest Rate Derivatives in India

After taking off with a bang, volumes in the Interest Rate Futures (IRF) market in India have slowed down. The financial crisis has also underscored the weaknesses in the OTC derivatives markets which need to be addressed for building a resilient financial system that is less prone to instabilities...

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Management of Industrial Conflict in Oyo State Teaching Service of Nigeria

This paper examined the management of Industrial Conflict in Oyo State Teaching Service of Nigeria. It identified causes of industrial conflict between teachers and the state government and the effects on secondary schools in the state. It also assessed the mechanisms for resolving industrial conflicts between the teachers and the state government. This study was necessitated by the need to ensure improved industrial conflict resolution mechanisms in the teaching service of Oyo state...

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Role of Leadership in Organizational Performance: A Review Study

Leadership is an international phenomenon which is also very popular domain among the behavioral science. Leadership emergence depends on ability to recognize what followers want in different situations and the function of the leader to maintain group structure and goal direction for reconciling conflicting demands arising outside the group..

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