Articles In Press Vol. 10, No. 4

Volume 10

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Impact of Herzberg Two-Factor Theory on Teachers’ Job Satisfaction: An Implication to the Private Universities of Bangladesh

This paper examines to identify the responsible factors for increasing academician’s job satisfaction of private universities in the northern part of Bangladesh. This study seeks to investigate the suitability of Herzberg Two Factor theory by using five point Likert scale for data collection. To measure these, the researcher has applied descriptive statistics including frequency analysis, mean and standard deviation. The results have been conducted and analyzed of 92 respondents that show the teachers are less satisfied with the working conditions and the research opportunities in their workplace. Furthermore, the salary and fringe benefits as well as the quality of working life (Job security) might have a strong tendency to create job resentment among the teachers.

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Impacts of Employee Engagement and Workforce Productivity on Retail Companies

Employee disengagement has become a big concern for retail companies to increase productivity. In the United States, retail companies lose at least $96 billion in revenue every year. Using transformational leadership theory, the purpose of this qualitative multiple case study was to explore strategies needed by retail companies to improve employee engagement and increase workforce productivity. From data collected using face-to-face open-ended interview questions with 4 retail business leaders located in the eastern region of the United States and who have experienced this phenomenon; three major themes emerged. The primary themes that emerged were professional development, collaboration, and work-life balance. Based on the tenets of transformational leadership, the findings indicated that the 3 major themes were strategic to promote employee engagement, improve workforce productivity and financial stability. Read more

Harmony Plus Future Leader Academy: A Leadership Program Co-Developed by Students

This article traces the experience of five very gifted students, two teaching assistants, and a visiting professor as they collaborate in designing and learning through a student-centered process. The model originated via the ideas, discussions, and assignment efforts of the students themselves. Each workshop built on previous experience beginning with an assessment of the student’s well-being. Successive workshops in the series (5) formed a working model that is presented in this article. Students then contributed their assignments to a web-based portfolio to utilize in the future. Read more

Disciplinary Guarantees for the Public Employee in the Saudi Law

The Saudi law has granted the administration numerous disciplinary powers against the public employee in the area of its disciplinary responsibility; however, in light of these disciplinary and punitive powers of the administration, the public employee must be protected from any tyranny, abuse, injustice, or bargaining that may be exercised against him by some of the administration's people. As a result, these protections shield public employees from the administration's tyranny, persecution, and arbitrariness. Thus, the purpose of this research is to uncover the disciplinary guarantees for public employees in the Saudi law, as well as their sufficiency in protecting the public employee and guaranteeing that the administration does not use them as a means of tyranny or arbitrariness. The study subject concerned the adequacy of these guarantees in the Saudi legislation, and the significance of the research lay in determining the adequacy of these guarantees in order to achieve protection for public employees.

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Liquidity Shocks and The Bank Lending Channel: Evidence from Lower-Middle Income Economies

This paper examines the impacts of central banks’ liquidity injections on commercial banks’ credit supply in thirty-two lower-middle income economies over the period 1990 until 2020. We use a SVAR panel model to analyze the dynamic interactions between the central bank balance sheet policy, bank liquidity, and bank lending. The results show that liquidity injections have a non-significant impact on the credit to the private sector and a persistent positive impact on banks’ liquid reserves. These results confirm the inefficiency of the bank lending channel in transmitting the central bank balance sheet monetary policy to the real economy in the considered LMIC’s.

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Reducing Voluntary Employee Turnover in Small Construction Companies for Long-term Productivity

Voluntary employee turnover has caused considerable damage to small construction businesses, significantly affecting productivity, profitability, and sustainability. Based on job embeddedness theory, this qualitative multiple case study aimed to explore strategies small construction business owners use to reduce voluntary employee turnover. Participants were 4 successful small construction business owners in Virginia who successfully implemented strategies that reduced voluntary employee turnover by 75% over 5 years.

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The Relationship between Big Five Personality Traits and Procrastination among Students of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

The current study examines the relationship between the Big Five personality traits (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism) and Procrastination (Active and/or Passive) among the undergraduate students of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

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Looking Beyond the Pandemic: Building Back Better for MSME Finance

This paper provides a conceptual overview of what a post-pandemic ecosystem for MSME financing might be, and how policymakers might apply it. Current COVID-19 emergency measures are not sustainable, and fintech and other technologies offer improvements for access to MSME finance worldwide. We offer a macro-perspective of how MSME financing might balance the competing interests of various stakeholders via the lens of ikigai. The Japanese term for fulfilment, and how fintech provides the “digital unlock” that has been missing to this point. We derive practical suggestions for policymakers from our theoretical framework, using real-world examples to transition from the abstract to the concrete.

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Between Fear and Hope: The Privatization of Government Higher Education Institutions in Saudi Arabia and the Role of Leadership in Managing Change

The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of privatization as it applies to public universities and colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also aims to critically reflect on the expected concerns due to the new environmental change resulting from the implementation of privatization and its impact on performance. There is a scarcity of existing literature on how privatization affects employee performance, and whether or not employees remain competent in their new environment. This paper also focuses on the significant role of leadership as organizations transition from public organizations to privatized ones. An in-depth content analysis of the privatization of public Saudi higher education institutions was adapted as a methodological approach to this study. Through this approach, the gap that exists between the new transformations, the leadership required, and the necessary preparations for privatization were analyzed. The major findings indicate that the idea of privatization in and of itself constitutes a great fear and anxiety for employees due to the organizational, administrative, and cultural change that privatization may bring.

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