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Volume 1

The Indian Economic Growth Story

This paper mainly revolves around the monetary policy of the RBI and studies the evolution of India’s growth starting from the famous 1991 reforms undertaken by the then finance minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh up until mid-2013 when India recorded its slowest annual GDP growth in a decade. This apologue is described with the help of 8 aggregate demand – inflation adjustment models alongside appropriate graphical data in support of them. Finally, the paper concludes with what the RBI is trying to achieve with the monetary policy and future predictions about the macroeconomic outlook of the Indian economy...

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“CHINDIA” Trade Moves a Level Up–Attempt to Solve Deficit Issues: An Empirical Study in China

This research paper pitchurizes the “CHINDIA” trade pattern since 2009 and projects the results in the context of the strategies of economic development for Asia’s leading economies i.e. India & China. Our findings projected were firstly, India – China moves a level-up in its trade with signing of new agreements but showing an off-track trend. Further Imports from China by India is decreasing by proportion with certain reasons and China’s exports have been more complex and sophisticated than India’s, as a result the gap of deficit is not narrowing. It was also founded that India exports a large share of products; however, this proportion is still smaller than that of China exports to India...

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Impact of Training on Employee Performance in Bajaj Allianz Aizawl

Most employee development occurs through job experiences. Development is most likely to occur when there is a no mismatch between the employee’s skills, past experiences, and the skills required for the job. To be successful in their job, employees in Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company must stretch their skills. There are several ways that job experiences can be used for employee development and these include the enlargement of current job, job rotation, transfers and promotion to positions with greater challenge. The study attempts to assess the possible impact of training on employee’s performance in Bajaj Allianz Insurance Company, Aizawl. The present paper also investigates that Interpersonal relationships can develop as part of a planned effort to bring together successful senior employees of the Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company together with less experienced ones...

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The Global Melt Down and Consumer Investment Behavior: Gender Difference Perspective The Global Melt Down and Consumer Investment

The main aim of the paper is to describe the changing consumer investment behavior (genderwise) during the global melt down with the help of the integrative literature review technique and found that the downturn has forced the desire for simplicity...

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Sentiment detection is software for automatically extracting opinions, emotions and sentiments in text. It allows us to track attitudes and feelings on the web. Due to the increased availability of online reviews, comments and opinions in digital form, the sentiment detection of texts has been witnessed a booming interest in recent years for ensuing need to organize them...

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